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How to Create an Electronic Signature

There are lots of reasons to create an electronic signature to use as the primary way to sign and authenticate documents. One of those reasons is that it makes your business processes easier while saving time at the same time. When you create an electronic signature, you are also making it much easier for your clients and customers to do business with you. They are more likely to say yes to you when they don’t have to wait weeks for the contract. But very few people actually know how to create signature. This article will give you a complete guide on creating e signature and let’s begin with the best tool to use.

Part 1Software for Creating an Electronic Signature

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The first thing you want to do when creating an electronic signature is to find the best service to do it. There are many but only a few actually help you easily and quickly create an electronic signature you can use for all documents. Lucky for you, we found the best one for you. This service is known as Wondershare eSign+ and here's what it can do for you.

  • It is easy to use allowing you multiple ways to create an electronic signature to use. Being able to manage and monitor the signatures on all devices is an added advantage.
  • All signatures that are created using eSign+ are legally binding and enforceable.
  • The service guarantees security by allowing you to encrypt and password protect the signature. The fact that the service also utilizes the strongest commercial SSL encryption should guarantee even better security.
  • Editing the document and adding signatures is as easy as dragging and dropping the field to the document, further saving time.

Part 2How to Create e Signature with Simple Steps

Now that you have the best tool for the job, let's see how to use it to create a signature you can use for your documents.

Step 1: Create Electronic Signature by Drawing

Begin by logging in to your eSign+ account. If you don't have one, simply click on "Sign up" to easily create one. Once logged in, click "Create Signature" located under your profile picture. A new dialogue box will appear. Click "Draw" of it is not already selected to add a signature by drawing.

Use your Mouse or Touchpad to draw the signature. Once done, you can change the color of the signature by clicking on the different color options below the drawn signature. Click on the "Eraser" icon right next to the colors if you want to redo the signature.

Click "Create" when you're happy.

Step 2: Create Electronic Signature by Typing

You can also create an electronic signature by typing it in. Again, click on "Create Signature" below your profile image. In the dialogue box that appears, click "Type". Type in the Signature you wish to use and then change the colors by clicking on the different colors.

Once you are happy with the signature, click "Create" to use it.

Step 3: Create Electronic Signature by Uploading an Image

If you already have an image of your signature, you can also upload it to eSign+ and use it. Once again, click on "Create Signature" and this time select "Upload" in the dialogue box that appears. Click "Select your Signature" to browse your computer for the image.

Click "Create" when you're ready.

Step 4: Things You Can Do After Creating Signature

Now that you have a signature, click on "Send New Document" to upload a document that you want to sign. Click on the plus sign to browse for the file on your computer. Click "Next" and then add the email address of a recipient in the field provide. If you want to send the document to more than one person, click on the message icon with a plus icon on it.

Before sending the document to the recipients, click on the recipient’s email and then click on the "Signature" tab to drag and drop the signature filed where you want it to appear.

Click "Send for Signature" to finish.

Once the recipients have signed the document, it will appear marked, "Completed" on your dashboard. Click on the file to check who has signed the document by clicking on the "People" tab. You can also click on "Download" to download the signed document.

Part 3Tips for Creating an Electronic Signature

The following are just some tips to help you create the best signature you can.

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